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Technology is essential to our daily lives. Technology is constantly changing, with new hardware, software, and networking components being introduced daily. It is no wonder we fear an abrupt computer or server crash, the latest computer virus, or worse, the dreaded blue screen of death. Luckily, there is a solution for any technical support assistance you might need: Improve Your IT.

Improve Your IT is the premier provider of computer technical support for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond. Our onsite technical support services will ensure that your computer, network, or server runs precisely like it is meant to.

Plain Spoken Information

Technology creates a plethora of words and acronyms that sometimes makes you feel as though you need to learn an entirely new language to know what your computer or network is trying to say. At Improve Your IT, we offer a level of professionalism that includes the ability to speak plain English about what might be wrong with your computer, and what support we can give it so that it may operate at its fullest potential.

Onsite Resolution

Since some issues may not be possible for remote resolution, Improve Your IT has onsite service available as well. If it is determined, requested or necessary, Improve Your IT will dispatch a technician to resolve your issue onsite. Most Support Agreement options include Onsite Support as a standard component at no additional cost.

Personal Interaction

As with many other services, personal interaction can be a large part of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Improve Your IT realizes the importance of this and all new clients receive an onsite evaluation of systems and the environment. Part of this evaluation includes an onsite visit with all users to document current or known issues to resolve them at the beginning of the relationship. The purpose of this is to learn the people that work with client systems daily and put a face to the name when support is necessary.

Tech Support For Maryland & Beyond

Improve Your IT provides computer and technical support for many businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region including Baltimore, DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania. Our clients also have users throughout the world in Japan, Canada and South America.

Technical support is not what it used to be! At Improve Your IT, our tech support can not only come to your site, but we can diagnose and fix many computer problems by connecting to your PC or Mac remotely using the power of the Internet.

By clicking Remote Help at the top right corner above, you can download and install onto your computer a small application that allows Improve Your IT to provide remote technical support and troubleshoot and repair your computer problems directly. It is having your very own help desk at your finger tips!

Fast Help & Results

Whether Improve Your IT works onsite or remotely on your computer, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can help diagnose and resolve your computer tech support needs. Our remote tech support helps get you back to work on important tasks quicker than you can imagine.

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We like to think of these technical support options as allowing people to have Information Technology their way and not the way that their information technology vendors wants to give it to them.