With the Improve Your IT Virtual Office solution, our clients are charged one monthly cost for all hardware, software and service.  No longer is there a need to replace a server, workstation or printer.  Our full service offering eliminates the unexpected charges that come with purchasing your own
hardware and software.  Our flexible solution can easily be integrated into your existing infrastructure while replacing hardware and software as needed, in phases or all at once.  This is your all-in-one IT Solution.  The Virtual Office eliminates the unexpected costs that come with failed workstations, monitors and printers and is truly the best bottom line for your IT budget.


Budget Friendly

The Virtual Office is a single cost per month solution for all hardware, software and support.  The per user cost starts as low as $40 per month.  This service will be customized for your business’s needs, using the applications you use and at a cost that you can afford.

No Servers To Purchase

The Virtual Office solution can help whether you are looking to upgrade, replace or implement your first server.  Large up-front costs can be difficult for many small businesses.  We can eliminate them for you while providing state of the art technology once thought only attainable to larger organizations.

No Workstations to Purchase

Time to replace or add a workstation?  Bringing on a new permanent or temporary employee?  No problem. Add or subtract devices as necessary.  The user count for many small businesses fluctuates year to year or even month to month.  Why buy equipment that may not be necessary?

No Microsoft Software to Purchase

The cost of upgrading the version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office can be a large up front cost.  These types of costs many times will be greater than the cost of the workstation or laptop itself.  Other software may also be included (an assessment will be completed and any additional software pricing will be included as part of all proposals).

No Peripherals to Purchase

Peripherals including printers, scanners and other equipment are often forgotten about when budget review time comes around.  Need a new printer or other device?  Let us now and we’ll send it to you or come set it up.

No Firewall or Security Services to Purchase

Many small businesses do not have security devices for one reason or another.  With our ability to install and monitor all firewalls remotely for security concerns, you can be rest-assured that your internal network is safe against threats and vulnerabilities.

No Voice Hardware to Purchase

Much like a server replacement, voice systems can be very expensive as well.  We can provide this service on a monthly basis as well while providing the technology you desire (i.e. remote voice service, follow me calling, iPhone app, conference bridge, etc..).  For more information please visit our Telephone Systems section.

Support Services

Much like many of our services, support service is an optional add-on.  Choose your support model including Time & Materials, Monthly Support Contract or Retainer.  To learn more about our onsite and remote support options, please visit the Support Services section.