data-centerWith 11 data center locations across the eastern U.S., we’ve got your data covered.

Experience the advanced security and state of the art redundancy of managed hosting solutions. Co-location hosting services are the ideal option for companies who want to maintain control over their physical servers, while employing the services of an enterprise-class data center.

Freedom to Scale as You Grow

With an agile and flexible provider like Expedient, you have many options for future expansion.

Zero Downtime

Data availability and continuous up time: our enterprise-class data centers are engineered to offer higher redundancy and increased data availability.

Eliminate Capex

Data centers require large capital to upgrade and maintain. Reduce your capital investment and transform it into an operating expense.

Leave Distraction Behind

Running a data center can be a major distraction from your core focus. Server co-location eliminates that distraction, allowing you to focus on the most important objectives strategic to your business.