256-sslGive your organization easy, affordable mobile and remote-access option.  Boost productivity while blocking non-trusted users, devices and attacks.

Experience a new level of secure access

Secure Remote Access appliances allow mobile and remote users to easily access corporate resources without compromising security. With “context-aware” authentication, only trusted devices and authorized users can be granted access. For mobile access, users can simply launch the mobile app to securely access the resources they need. And, for desktop based access, users can have a completely client-less experience running applications entirely in the web browser.  Available feature rich HTML5 solutions reduce complexity and management overhead of additional software plugins and installation.

Increase mobile users’ productivity while protecting data

Secure Remote Access apps deliver easy network-level access for users of Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Google Android, Kindle Fire, Linux and Chrome devices.  System administrators are able to create policies that control whether files can be opened in other apps, copied to the clipboard, printed or cached securely.  Enterprise class security engines give greater assurance that the endpoint accessing the network is trusted and not malicious.

Enjoy streamlined access-policy management

Secure Remote Access appliances allow system administrators to set access-policies for users with a single rule across all objects.  Easy-to-use resource wizards for email and web access allow the system administrator to develop and deploy the correct access in minutes instead of hours.

Enable reliability and uptime

Secure Remote Access appliances employ built-in server load balancing features for greater reliability. High Availability allows system administrators to deploy a second Secure Remote Access appliance for failover, enhancing uptime and providing access your remote users can count on.  With the latest multi-core support for VMware ESX virtual environments, virtual Secure Remote Access appliances provide greater reliability and performance up to 250 concurrent users.

Deploy Clean VPN for superior protection

Deploying Secure Remote Access appliances alongside a next-generation business or enterprise class firewall delivers an extra layer of protection.  This multi-layered approach enables your organization to decrypt and decontaminate all authorized SSL VPN traffic before it enters your network.

Speed up PCI compliance with enhanced security features

Our chosen Secure Remote Access appliances offer award winning Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Data Leak Protection (DLP) features to prevent protocol and web-based attacks, helping financial, healthcare, e-commerce and other businesses attain OWASP Top 10 and PCI compliance. This allows customers to ensure confidentiality of data with internal web services remaining uncompromised, should there be malicious or rogue authenticated user access.