Have you ever gotten one of those letters?  You know the one that says its from a legal representative of Microsoft, Adobe, Apple or the like and they believe you have illegally acquired some or all of your software.  This is an all too real occurrence and most of the time it negatively impacts a business that is doing a good job of trying to do everything right in the complex world of technology.

Our team of experts have specializations in Software and Asset Management for just this reason.  We will perform a thorough software licensing audit of all of your software in use, all of your associated purchases and then deliver a detailed audit report of our findings.  This report is typically all that is needed to respond to any inquiry but we are also able to engage in a litigious matter if needed.

A similarly thorough audit of your hardware, its licensing, warranty status and more is included in our enhanced network assessment service.

Should you ever need it, our software licensing audit service will provide you with:

  • Complete discovery of all systems and software packages installed
  • Audit / Discovery of all available licensing (Retail, Volume, Subscription, etc..)
  • Comprehensive executive level report with validation of all purchases and a simple list of any license shortages
  • Assistance with communicating the findings and subsequent corrections to any involved authority
  • Assistance with bringing any remaining shortage into full compliance (may require purchase)
  • Follow-up report to indicate compliance status (when complete)