Is your budget a mess?  Not sure what to upgrade or buy next?  Another service included in every Virtual CIO engagement is our budget planning service.  Our team will help you to gain an understanding of how your current IT budget is being spent and if your technology investments are working to your advantage.  With this service, you will learn and understand where spending improvements can be made and what costs can be streamlined or eliminated.  From equipment to staff, software to licensing and much more, our Virtual CIO Budget Planning service will put you back in control.  Your Virtual CIO / CTO will work with you to audit your billing, your spending, your staff and your services to provide you with a detailed picture about where you have spent in the past and where you must spend in the future.  Our team will follow your company vision and work closely with you to develop a 3 to 7 year budget plan for all of your technology needs.  Our Budget Planning Services will allow you to:

  • Determine what needs upgrading, replacing, etc.
  • Determine how to estimate costs for new or future purchases and replacements
  • Audit / review any technology subscription services
  • Audit / review any leasing agreements
  • Determine best available vendor /supplier options
  • Align the IT budget with the organization’s strategy
  • Plan, Compile, Report and much, much more…